The human species’ life cycle progresses irreversibly from childhood, adulthood, and the elderly stage. The senior population has lost some of its normal functioning and reaction time. Fall, one of the serious health issues in the geriatric population, constitutes a real concern for public health. Fall in the aging population is associated with morbidity and mortality. The rate of falls among the geriatric is estimated to be 23.7%. Ha et al.¬†¬†investigated the factors that are associated with falls in the elderly population. Many falls are reported in developed countries due to the increased geriatric population, the lifestyle of single-person households, and diminished family assistance.¬†

Some of the consequences of falls include injuries, hospitalization, treatment cost, treatment time, or death. Patients at risk for falls should be cautious while using the bathroom because it is the leading cause of falls in the senior. These accidents are favored by slippery floors, the absence of handrails, or poor lightning. Low-income populations experience increased falls because they have less access to fall prevention, healthcare, and family assistance. Fall prevention protocol should be implemented for patients who use psychotropic drugs. Some of the side effects of these medications include decreased balance and reaction time, drowsiness, and impaired motor coordination.

The other preventable causes of falls are alcohol consumption, hypertension, and seizures. The economy in most developed countries encourages family members to work most of their time, which reduces care for the elderly and increases fall risk. The world population is shifted from family with many members to single-person life where many people live alone, develop diseases such as depression and anxiety, take associated medication, and experience falls as a side effect. Life in a nuclear family can be considered as a solution to fall prevention in the elderly.

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