About Us

About Us

In the changing health care environment, the Consultant Pharmacist can and should be utilized to optimize therapy, minimize unwanted side effects, maximize cost effectiveness, maintain regulatory compliance, and ultimately, help personalize therapy for residents in a long-term setting. These are the reasons Envision Health Consulting was established in 2001. Consultants with Envision Health Consulting can provide these benefits and more!

Along with Consulting, we also provide up to date education on the latest topics and Continuing Education Credits for most of the Long-Term Care Team.

Our years in the industry have allowed us to build excellent relationships with a variety of industry partners to assist us with enhancing our services and education.

Our education is available on site as well as on-line, giving our customers the best options for their required CE needs.

We have also recognized the need for Consultant Pharmacist training, and we pride ourselves on providing a quality learning environment for a new Consultant Pharmacist, so they are better prepared for their Consulting career.

“Our goal is to provide the BEST pharmacy consultant care to facility residents, and provide all facility, medical staffs, and provider pharmacies with the best level of support possible”

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