According to an article published in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society, many adults 60
years of age and older in the US, deal with obesity as a barrier to aging well. Being obese can lead to
complications in life such as mental health problems, an increased risk of falling, a nursing home
admission, and increased health care costs. In October of 2021, the National Council on Aging came
together to have a roundtable discussion on these issues. They came up with 10 challenges this population
may face when it comes to obesity. The challenges are in the following categories: older adult
heterogeneity, limitations of BMI, unrecognized complexity, lack of healthcare and community
integration for services, limited access to the full range of treatment, impact of weight bias and stigma,
aggregate data, trauma in tribal communities, consequences of discrimination, and remote community
disparities. With these challenges, they proposed some interesting solutions. This article should motivate
health care professionals to help obese seniors overcome the barriers to aging well.
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